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Human hair versus acrylic wigs

Human hair wigs consist completely of human hair, mainly from Asian countries where the practice of women selling their hair has long been accepted. Before it is made into wigs the hair is cleansed, treated chemically, and coloured. A human hair wig needs the same care as coloured human hair, and more care after each shampooing than an acrylic wig does. After each shampooing a human hair has to be blow-dried and styled.  Acrylic wigs, like clothing fabric, are made from fibres. Two kinds of acrylic wig fibre are used to replicate human hair in acrylic wigs: modacrylic and kanekalon. Both consist of tubes filled with colour. Acrylic wigs look very like human hair ones, especially after being styled to suit individual clients. After washing and conditioning, an acrylic wig recovers its shape. It is very easy for clients, including those who may be feeling unwell, to care for. Human hair wigs generally cost more than acrylic ones. However, they are more durable and longer-lasting. They are also more versatile, meaning that they can be straightened, curled, and coloured (this means that they can be darkened but never lightened), whereas it is not possible to use any kind of heat on acrylic hair. It is easier to style acrylic hair wigs, and also easier to maintain them. 

The main advantages and disadvantages of each  

The main advantages of human hair wigs are: 

  1. heated appliances can be used on them
  2. they can be coloured, but not lighter: they can only be darkened  
  3. they are soft to the touch
  4. their styles can be changed
  5. there is ‘no frizzing’, no small unwanted curls and untidy appearance of the hair-ends that occur with many older acrylic wigs
  6. some manufacturers offer wide ranges of them, designed to satisfy many kinds of clients’ needs

 The main disadvantages of human hair wigs are: 

  1. their colours fade over time due to oxidisation
  2. because they are porous, they need to be washed with good quality coloured-hair shampoos and conditioner
  3. they can be difficult for clients to handle
  4. there are fewer styles and colours to choose from than is the case with acrylic wigs  

 The main advantages of acrylic wigs are: 

  1. their colours are very stable and slow to fade
  2. their curls and waves almost permanent
  3. they do not need blow-drying or setting, and should never have  blow-dryers, straighteners or curling tongs used on them
  4. they are easy to manage
  5. very many colours are available
  6. many are very well styled and made indeed, and for practical purposes just as attractive and durable as human hair wigs, even if some cheaper ones are of generally inferior quality

 The main disadvantages of acrylic wigs are:

  1. friction rub, which, over time, causes frizziness
  2. they cannot be coloured
  3. artificial heat must never be used on them
  4. in general, and while they are cheaper, they do not last as long as human hair wigs

The kinds of cap are used for wigs are as follows. A machine-wefted cap can also come with a monofilament top. A hand-knotted wig can be fully hand-knotted or come with a monofilament top.  All are adjustable for size. Manufacturers offer large ranges of machine-wefted wigs, which have wefted foundations. Hand-knotted foundations are made on light net bases and weigh very little.  

A monofilament top wig uses a lightweight top made up of two layers of clear material. The hair is hand-knotted into this, using a special weaving technique that provides excellent comfort and ventilation. It can be coloured to match the colour of the client’s scalp, and gives the natural appearance of hair growing straight from the scalp. The parting can be changed. Please see the picture below.

Image  Finally, in choosing between human hair and acrylic wigs, please bear the following in mind: the best wig for you can be of either type, with neither being truly superior. A high quality acrylic wig will often look, and feel, better than a low quality human hair wig. Personal preference and practicality are crucial factors, and often tend to outweigh cost.  So, ask yourself about whether you have time to look after a human hair wig, and also think about the colours and styles that you prefer.



Fine Hair Designs, Deanne Wentworth, 65 Gray Street, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, DD5 2BP, Tel: 01382 762976

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deanne wentworth wigs and hairpiece specialist
deanne wentworth wigs and hairpiece specialist deanne wentworth wigs and hairpiece specialist
Deanne Wentworth