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Deanne Wentworth Wigs and Hairpieces

What do fitting, adjusting, styling and wearing a wig or hairpiece involve?


To put a wig on, first secure your own hair by pinning it or using a mesh wig cap. Pinning is most relevant for clients with long hair. Twist it into a tight French Twist and pin it into the crown of your head. Use Kirby Grips to get your own hair down flat to your head. If you use a wig cap, ensure that the front of it is on your natural hair line, with all of your own hair concealed by the cap. Then hold the wig back where the tags on it are. Shake it if it is fresh out of the box. This should make it spring back to life if its journey has made it a little flat. Loosen the Velcro straps or hooks in the back of the wig, remembering that the size can be adjusted in due course. Grasp the wig by its sides. Then slip it over your head.  

Adjusting it to fit your head  

Adjust the positioning so that the wig looks like your natural hair line at the front. It should be either right at or slightly behind your natural hair line. The wig should not cover your ears. The two small tabs at your ears, that are where sideburns would be if you had them, or where they are if you do, should be positioned so that you know that your wig is positioned correctly. This means that they should be in the same places on both sides in front of your ears. Use the adjustment straps at the back to tighten or loosen the wig, to make it feel comfortable.  

Styling it

A new wig can look quite right at first, but it often needs a few changes. The sides or the fringe may need texturising to suit your face better. This is simply a matter of getting the wig to look as good as possible, just as you would with your own hair. It is important to remember that while your hair grows back after it is cut, a wig doesn’t! 

In general it is best to get a hair professional to cut and style your wig, if that is needed. Deanne can perform this role if you are able to consult her face to face. Otherwise your own or another experienced hairdresser will be able to help.

Specialist styling products 

Many of these are available. They are not as hard on wig fibres as normal mousse or hair spray. They are formulated specifically for synthetic wigs. They should be water-based or use water as their first ingredient. Most products designed for hair that is growing are oil-based, and to use them on wig hair can coat it, and make it look lifeless and dull.  

Deanne Wentworth offers a full range of products for care and styling of both acrylic and human hair.

What wearing a wig or hairpiece involves 

It involves fitting and styling, cleaning, storing, and otherwise caring for it, as detailed elsewhere in this section of these FAQs. 

It also very often involves a new appearance and a boost for your ego! 

Beyond that, most wigs and hairpieces supplied by Deanne Wentworth come from all over the world to bring you a range of products that are selected by us and you to give the most natural look. The style and length of a wig or hairpiece and the shape of your face together greatly influence how natural the product looks. 

If this is your first wig or hairpiece it may be sensible to avoid making too radical a choice of style.Your choices will become more varied as your familiarity and confidence grow. 

It also involves being aware of the effects of heat on wigs and hairpieces. Heat should never be used on acrylic hair: it makes it lose its curls and become frizzy.  

With - and only with - human hair, a warm hair dryer, electric rollers, straighteners, or curling tongs can be used. If more than merely warm heat is applied to human hair, some frizziness (very small unwanted curls) will result, just as if you were to use, for example, a hot hair dryer on your own hair.  A frizzy wig or hairpiece, whether it is made of acrylic or human hair, is useless.


Fine Hair Designs, Deanne Wentworth, 65 Gray Street, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, DD5 2BP, Tel: 01382 762976

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deanne wentworth wigs and hairpiece specialist
deanne wentworth wigs and hairpiece specialist deanne wentworth wigs and hairpiece specialist
Deanne Wentworth