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Deanne Wentworth Wigs and Hairpieces

How long do wigs and hairpieces last, and how do I store a wig?

How long your wig or hairpiece lasts for depends on how often you wear it, how you treat it, the environment in which you live, and the types of maintenance product that you use. Acrylic wigs, in particular, need specially formulated products. Normal hairspray and non-fibre cleansing products should not be used on them. They must not be washed in hot water, heat must not be applied to them, and they must always be conditioned after washing. No wig or hairpiece should ever be handled roughly.

Cheaper wigs and hairpieces tend not to last as long as others. So if you use them daily they may only have short lives. This a is a matter of personal preference. Some clients enjoy the fun of a succession of cheaper wigs. However, other daily wearers want their wigs to last and are willing to pay for them to do so.

The final answer to this question, the nearest that we can get to a bottom line, is not very precise, depending as it does on usage, environment and quality of care, but a wig can last for a few months, or for years if very well looked after and used.

To maintain the style and freshness of your wig or hairpiece, use a plastic or wire wig stand.

When you store it, keep it somewhere clean and free from dust, heat and excessive humidity.

Use a folding (collapsible) wig stand or a polystyrene head to put your wig on, to help it keep its shape and, if required,  for styling it. Unless you are travelling, do not use a bag or a box to store it.   

We hope that you have found these answers helpful. Please contact us for anything else that you need to know, whether it is because you want something above explained more fully, or for any other reason, and we will be delighted to help

Telephone: (UK) 01382 731744 (24 hours)(Outside UK) 00 44 0 1382 731744 (24 hours) 

Mobile telephone: 07962 236431 (24 hours)

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Fine Hair Designs, Deanne Wentworth, 65 Gray Street, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, DD5 2BP, Tel: 01382 762976

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deanne wentworth wigs and hairpiece specialist
deanne wentworth wigs and hairpiece specialist deanne wentworth wigs and hairpiece specialist
Deanne Wentworth