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Deanne Wentworth Wigs and Hairpieces

Can you explain the colour charts?

Remember that colours can look very different from monitor to monitor, so the colours you see on your screen may be slightly different than the actual wig colour. Please keep this in mind when you are ordering.



There are nearly as many colours, of all kinds, as you might imagine: please see the online catalogues. You are welcome to mail hair samples, your own, or from your existing wig or wigs, to us for colour matching, and we will suggest the closest matches. See our Order by Post page for complete instructions. Our postal details are also on the Contact Us and Home pages.  

We also have colour rings for you to examine and compare with your skin and wig or hair colours at home and under different lighting. These are available against a refundable-on-return £25 deposit. Please state which wig models or colours you are most interested in, because not all wig models are available in all colours.     

Ellen Wille Colour Codes Explained

Some wigs/hairpieces (HairPower collection) have more than one colour incorporated into them to give a more natural look. For instance, colour code 4/6 means that it is a mixture of those two colours. If the colour code is 30/130-33 it means that there is an even mixture of colours 30 and 130 and a small amount of colour 33. Therefore, “/” means an even mix of the two colours and “ – “ means a small amount of the colour is added.

Noriko Gradient Colour Explained

Gradient colours are exclusive to the Noriko range. The root of the wig is dark, giving the illusion of natural root growth.

Hi Fashion and Amore Hybrant Shades  Explained

Hybrant shades are available in the Hi Fashion and  Amore Rene of Paris ranges. The word hybrant means that the wig has highlighted tones rather than the colours blended together.


Fine Hair Designs, Deanne Wentworth, 65 Gray Street, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, DD5 2BP, Tel: 01382 762976

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deanne wentworth wigs and hairpiece specialist
deanne wentworth wigs and hairpiece specialist deanne wentworth wigs and hairpiece specialist
Deanne Wentworth